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Johnson Piano Academy

Piano Lessons for Kids and Adults

Online or in person:

Village Music Academy

Prairie Village, KS

What to Expect

Weekly lessons that demystify the music learning process.  Learning to play is easy and fun.

• You'll  learn a ton of music at a pace just right for you.  In fact, These two students had nearly 15 minutes worth of new music in 2 and a half months!


• You'll feel a sense of pride and satisfaction every time you conquer a new piece.  My students really enjoy playing because we learn music that reflects their interests.  Practicing isn't a chore when you are having fun!

• You'll play at a high level, with measurable success.  Many of my students completed their Royal Conservatory Exam this spring-- right from their living rooms!  These students not only passed their exams-- they killed it, with most receiving "Honors" and "First Class Honors with Distinction" marks.  You can, too!


Student Success