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Dr. Kari Johnson

Founder and Teacher

Hi, I'm Kari.  I love my job. I get work with people who are curious and thoughtful.  I enjoy that my studio has students who's purposes in learning piano range from recreational to college prep..  My students study popular music, classical music, composition and improvisation. Class is like getting together with friends-- we laugh a lot. I love to see my students take pride in their work, achieve their goals, and enjoy playing!

I have been fortunate to receive a great education. for both performing and teaching. During my doctoral work at University of Missouri-Kansas City I specialized in collaboration with composers.  I have premiered works all over the United States and the world, including performances in Thailand, South Korea, and Greece.  These experiences helped me understand how to perform at a high level, and how important it is to have a strong, supportive community in your music study.

I teach online and in person in Prairie Village KS.   As a member of the local music teachers association I am able to enroll my students in a variety of performance opportunities throughout the year-- and now these are virtual, too!  I also regularly enroll students in the prestigious Royal Conservatory of Music Examination program.  I also offer a variety of online performance opportunities and special theme classes each month, so every student can have a chance to share their growth.

Please click below to try a lesson and see what online piano study is all about!

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