Dr. Kari Johnson

Founder and Teacher

Hi, I'm Kari.  I love to teach piano lessons to people of all ages and abilities.  I enjoy that my studio has a variety of students who's interests range from college prep to recreational.  I love to see my students take pride in their work, achieve their goals, and enjoy playing!

One of my strengths as a teacher is recognizing how you or your child works best as an individual and integrate that into a group.  I energize and motivate my students by encouraging problem solving, self awareness, and follow through. I love it when my students take what we learn in class and apply it to music they love.

I understand that every student and family is different.  I want music to be a part of my students' lives in a positive way, whether that mean only in class or with extended study.  You decide how much work you can and should put in, and I will be there along the way to guide and support.

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