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Practicing doesn't have to be a war.  In fact, piano lessons and practice can be rewarding and fun!  When students have clear instruction and direction, play music they love, and get support from friends, piano lessons can be a highlight of any kid's week.  Pick the program that's right for you!


• The Preludes program is perfect for beginners or recreational students.  

• Students meet for one class a week for 50 minutes., or a 30 minute private lesson.

• Classes include small group work and one on one instruction.


• Your child will develop self expression and self confidence as they learn music they love.  Ages 7 and up (5-6 OK with a parent or older sibling as a helper).


The Fortissimo program is an exclusive accelerated program for beginners ages 7 and up

When our Stay at Home order was initiated in March, I started something I had only dared to dream of before.  Interested students would meet with me each day of the week for guided practice. We learned a new piece each week.  The results were astonishing.  Students and Parents LOVED this program. Students enjoyed the camaraderie of class with friends.  Parents couldn't believe their child practiced MORE each week, even outside of our class. I loved the improvement in reading, technique, and musical skills, and we all had a fantastic time.  It was the highlight of the day!

Is your child someone who really likes to dive into projects?  Do they do best with lots of guided practice?  If this is your child, the Fortissimo program is right for you.  Meeting Monday through Thursday for 50 minutes each day, this exclusive, accelerated program is guaranteed to make your child the strongest pianist they can be.  They won't just know how to play, but they'll learn the why's  as well-- music history, theory, and literature.  We'll culminate each semester with an RCM examination so you can measure your child's progress against an international standard.  Just think of me as their friendly Personal Piano Trainer.  We'll start from the beginning together, and you won't believe how far your can go.  Classes include small group work and one on one sessions.  ACT NOW--ONLY 4 SPOTS OPEN FOR FALL 2020.

Kaue plays Mario

Kaue, a young Preludes student, LOVES Mario.  Check out his skills!

Holly is an original Fortissimo Student.  She learned this great piece in one week.  We even emailed the composer to find out more about the piece!

Ava learned 6 pieces this summer, with a focus on improvisation.  

All  programs include the following:

All materials included

Recordings of online lessons so you can practice worry-free outside of class

Access to exclusive Studio Parties, Online Performances, and Guest Classes

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