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Piano Lessons Online

Quality Piano Lessons, streamed safely and conveniently to your home.  Take your lesson from anywhere in the world.

Kid and Adult lessons and classes are available


When Covid first hit, many people were  skeptical that piano lessons could be effective in an online format. Good news-- it's great!  In fact, most of my families have been happy to stay online, even months after our official Stay at Home order was lifted.  We've formed a community in Zoom, and meet regularly to give performances, play games, discuss music history, and share about our lives.  For some of my students, the regular meetings and online lessons are the favorite part of their week.


Here are 10 Reasons Why Online Lessons are A Great Option For You:

1.  No Commute.  You're tired from work.  Your child is hungry and has had a bad day.  The last thing you want to do is drive across town in rush hour.  And with online lessons, you don't have to.  

2. Your Technique Will Improve.   Because I can see and hear you at your instrument, I can help you set good habits in posture and technique in ways that aren't possible with In-Person lessons.  

3. You'll Get the Most Out of Your Practice.  I'll get to see your practice environment and can better assess what kind of assignments and practicing you'll need.  

4. Lessons Can Be Recorded.  Miss a class? Want to review a technique?  Zoom records, so as we progress together, we'll build a library of recordings that will help you in the days you're not in class.  

5. Learn from Anywhere in the World. On vacation? Move? Not in the KC area? No problem-- you can access your lesson from anywhere in the world!

6. You'll Take More Ownership. It's easy to get comfortable and a little lazy when your teacher can easily point to your music or write on your score.  Online lessons let you take ownership in these little things, but this awareness of what you are playing pays off in big ways in performance quality and satisfaction.

7. We'll Know Each Other Better.  Very often my students and I share show and tell.  We see each other's pets, new toys or artwork, and other important parts of our lives.  We get to know each other as people outside of the studio, which means we can support each other in the learning process even more.  

8.  Guest Teachers and Clinicians are easily available.  Each semester I try to bring in one or two guest teachers to give my students a new perspective.  It's great to be part of the world-wide piano community!

9. No Snow Days. Cancellations for Weather are officially a thing of the past.  Eliminate the stress of make up lessons. 

10. No Covid. Or Flu.  Or Colds.  Pink Eye.... You get the picture.  Plus, you can feel comfortable joining lessons if you're feeling just a little under the weather.

Ready to try a free lesson?  Click to get scheduled today!

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