Here's what parents and students are saying about their lessons:

Kari Johnson is an experienced and talented musician. Her intuitive nature helps her connect with each student and helps nurture their talent.-- Lori

Dr. Johnson is a seasoned professional performer and pedagog. She is patient and encouraging with her students and understands the different phases of development each child goes through. She is a good communicator and knows what it takes to train students to perform at a high level. We're very happy with her work!-- Jessica K

Kari's expertise exceeds any technical measure, but her unique talent is moving her students toward understanding accountability especially in music but applicable broadly in life. She works with them to set expectations, and students are conveyed the importance -- and gratification of expectations being met. -- Dave H

Kari is an outstanding teacher. She cares deeply for each of her students, and she does an excellent job of tailoring lessons to their specific needs.

We started almost 4 years ago with Ms Kari. My son loves going to piano class, enjoys her teaching. As a parents , I love the big bright smile I get every single time I go drop him off for class. She is flexible with your schedule and works diligently with any change you request. Overall we as a family are happy with our sons progress, love for music and having Ms Kari as his teacher. I would not change anything and 💯 share my experience and referral to anyone interested or thinking of joining her studio. -- Sunita

My daughter has been taking Piano lessons with Ms. Kari for about 5 years now. Ms. Kari works very well with her personality. My daughter started her lessons when she was 9 and still a little girl and the lessons were great. She is now almost 15 and a young lady and the lessons are still fun and tailored to meet the learning needs of a teen. We appreciate her skills as a piano player but most importantly her ability to teach these skills to all ages and levels of learning is exceptional. She is a great teacher and a wonderful human being. Thank you!-- Mandira

Our student has been taking lessons with Kari for a few years now, and we love that Kari's approach to teaching is wide in its breadth, including music theory, posture, tempo, hand position--the sum of which is creating a musician, not just someone who can play the piano.-- Dave

Kari has taught my daughter for the past 12 years and my son for the past 6 years. She is an excellent piano teacher but really she is way more than that. Kari is genuinely interested and committed to my kids development as musicians and as people. She's always honest with them. She knows how to push them to achieve more than they think they can. She knows how to redirect them effectively when they go off-track (in lessons and otherwise). She knows how to help them recognize a success even when they may believe they have failed. I think they lessons my kids have learned with Kari are some of the most important aspects of their education.-- Tamara

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