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Johnson Piano Academy

Piano Lessons for Kids and Adults

Online or in person:

Village Music Academy

Prairie Village, KS

Topeka, KS beginning May 2023

What to Expect

Weekly lessons that demystify the music learning process.  Learning to play is easy and fun.

• You'll  learn a ton of music at a pace just right for you.  In fact, These two students had nearly 15 minutes worth of new music in 2 and a half months!


• You'll feel a sense of pride and satisfaction every time you conquer a new piece.  My students really enjoy playing because we learn music that reflects their interests.  Practicing isn't a chore when you are having fun!

• You'll play at a high level, with measurable success.  Many of my students completed their Royal Conservatory Exam this spring-- right from their living rooms!  These students not only passed their exams-- they killed it, with most receiving "Honors" and "First Class Honors with Distinction" marks.  You can, too!

Student Success

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Marcus recently received First Class Honors with Distinction on his RCM level 2 exam.  That's more than 10 points higher than the average exam!  Here's his first level 3 piece, a Bach Minuet, which he learned online this July.  

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Parent & Student Approved

Lori, Parent

Kari Johnson is an experienced and talented musician. Her intuitive nature helps her connect with each student and helps nurture their talent.

Sunita, Parent

We started almost 4 years ago with Ms Kari. My son loves going to piano class, enjoys her teaching. As a parent , I love the big bright smile I get every single time I go drop him off for class. 

Linda, Student

"I was nervous about online lessons, but now I love them!  I'm taking more ownership of my learning, which means Kari and I can delve deeper into the material every lesson.  I can't believe how far I've gotten in the last few months!"

Ready to learn more?  Click below to schedule your free trial lesson and see how rewarding piano lessons can be!

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